• We are an organization of people involved in the betterment of Toledo Bend Lake and its surrounding communities.
  • Our membership totals almost 500 family, individual, and business members from many places and with varying backgrounds, education, and occupations. 
  • We are not a political organization, nor do we have any affiliation with any state or federal agency. 
  • We are a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in the state of Louisiana.



  • We hold monthly Membership Meetings.
  • TBLA members get together in an informal social meeting the first Thursday of each month at Sabine Council on Aging (SCOA)--Toledo Town.
  • We enjoy good food and fellowship, and discuss the business of the Association at our meetings.
  • We invite speakers to keep us abreast of environmental and public issues that could affect the quality of life in and around Toledo Bend Lake.
  • We fund and support projects and events in, on, and around the Lake and surrounding communities.

2020 - 2021 Board of Directors, from left to right:  (back row) Ginger Rice, Phil Medine, Derek Mong, Gaynell Goodeaux, Ricky Yeldell, Gary Moore, Bruce Rogers, Mike Scheurich, Bill Galligan (front row) Willie Bland, Deb Pennington, Linda Ward (not pictured).


2020-2021 Officers (left to right): Ricky Yeldell-Second Vice President, Bill Galligan-Secretary, Gaynell Goodeaux-First Vice President, Gary Moore-President, and Mike Scheurich-Treasurer

About TBLA


Toledo Bend Lake Association
Board of Directors
President:  GARY MOORE

Toledo Bend Lake Association is dedicated to maintaining and/or improving the quality of Toledo Bend Lake and the amenities surrounding it. TBLA provides financial and/or volunteer assistance to promote stewarding the environment and aquatic integrity of the Lake to perpetuate it as a world class fishery and recreational resource area.


  1. Provide financial and/or volunteer support to the Toledo Bend Lake resource area.
  2. Promote environmental consciousness and conservation.
  3. Provide unbiased information to its members on issues that may affect or concern the lake.
  4. Promote youth participation to increase interest in outdoor recreational activities available in the Lake area.

50 years of Serving Toledo Bend Lake