Lake Projects

Our Lake Projects

Toledo Bend Lake Association (TBLA) is dedicated to enhancing the Toledo Bend Lake area and the communities that surround it. Monies made from the major fundraiser--Bass Unlimited Banquet--is put to good use by sponsoring projects in and around the Lake. Examples include:

2023 Fingerling Release

Purchased and donated a Pro Drive shallow draft boat to LDWF to be used to spray & control Giant Salvinia

Supported public training sessions to learn how to control Giant Salvinia.

Contributed funds to help SRA purchase a stump cutting barge to clear boat lanes.

Purchased materials to build public fishing piers at SRA’s Pleasure Point and Pendleton Bridge Recreation Areas.

Provided significant leadership and volunteer support for the first BassMaster Elite Tournament on Toledo Bend in 2011.

With SRA, jointly funded a floating pier at Cypress Bend Park for mooring boats during tournaments and other events.

Purchased materials for SRA installation of lights under the east end of Pendleton Bridge and Lanana Bayou Bridge.

Released thousands of Florida strain bass fingerlings into the Lake.

Purchased boat lane buoy materials installed by LA SRA to provide safer waterway travel.

Purchased a Habitat Barge for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) primarily for use on Toledo Bend

Funded an Artificial Reef program for TBLA members and LDWF fisheries personnel to build and install artificial reefs in the Lake. Developed and distributed an Artificial Reef Guide to the public.

Purchased multi-channel communications radios for LDWF enforcement agents to improve communications and safety during emergencies in the Toledo Bend Lake area.

Purchased and installed LDWF and TPWD fishing regulation signs at several launch sites on both sides of the lake.